Walking In The Alps

WALKING IN THE ALPS describes no less than 19 different regions covering virtually the whole Alpine chain, with enough suggestions to keep the most active walker occupied through three lifetimes! Packed with information about long walks, pass crossings, location of huts and the best viewpoints, Walking In The Alps has been a joy to research and write, and it’s my hope that it will enable you to enjoy countless days of delight too among Europe’s premier mountain range.

"If I wanted to do everything listed in this marvellous book," wrote Ernst Sondheimer in the Alpine Journal, "I would need to live to just over 400 years and remain fit to the end."

Chris Bonington called it: "The most comprehensive book about Alpine walking in the last fifty years."

Cameron McNeish said: "This is probably the most important guide to walking abroad that has been published in Britain. It is simply stunning ..."

The latest 495 page edition of Walking In The Alps contains even more routes than the original, and is illustrated with numerous full-colour photos and new maps, making it a source of inspiration and a weaver of dreams.

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