Kev Reynolds - Lectures on the Alps, Pyrenees,
Himalaya and England

Small groups, large groups, after dinner, after lunch, a choice of topics to lighten any occasion, to take you out of the present and convey you to another world . . .

The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal wins the heart of all who go there. But mountains form only part of its appeal for the lush foothills have their own magic, as do the tiny, remote villages and, perhaps best of all, the ever-cheerful hill folk. Visions of Glory is a product of regular visits to this enchanting land; a compilation of dramatic landscapes and smiling faces.

From the remote far west of Nepal to its north-eastern corner and into Sikkim, Kev Reynolds has wandered among the world's highest mountains, and explored valleys rarely (if ever) visited by Westerners - as well as the classic Annapurna, Everest and Langtang ranges. If you enjoy wild mountain scenery this lecture should appeal.

Ancient legends called Dolpo,
Sbas-Yul, 'the hidden land'. In 1995 Kev Reynolds led a small expedition through this back-of-beyond where the Dolpo-pa live a semi-nomadic existence in what has been described as the highest permanently inhabited region on Earth. Some grow barley and buckwheat at 15,000ft above sea level; others take their yak trains - or even goats laden with panniers of salt - across the arid mountains on trading journeys unchanged in a thousand years. This lecture offers a unique view of an extraordinary, ‘other-worldly’ hidden land on the northern side of the Himalayan divide, and the lives of those who inhabit it.

The author of
Everest, a Trekker's Guide, Kev Reynolds has explored the trails, villages and valleys leading to Mount Everest, (Sagarmatha, or Chomolongma: 'mother goddess of the world') on a number of occasions. The finest and most dramatic mountain scenery is revealed on the long walk across the foothills and through the valley of the Dudh Kosi to Namche Bazaar, Thyangboche and to the summit of Kala Pattar for the classic close view of Everest. Side valleys and Buddhist monasteries are also visited in order to gain a wider vision of this stunningly beautiful region.

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