Kev Reynolds - Lectures on the Alps, Pyrenees,
Himalaya and England

Small groups, large groups, after dinner, after lunch, a choice of topics to lighten any occasion, to take you out of the present and convey you to another world . . .

Highlights of a 50-year love affair with mountains: from Snowdonia to the Himalaya by way of the Caucasus of Russia, High Atlas of Morocco, the Alps, Pyrenees, Corsica, Turkey and the Peruvian Andes. But it is not just the delights of mountain scenery and adventures to be found there, but the variety of flowers, animals and people too. In short, a kaleidoscopic view of some of the most dramatic places on earth.

Creating a natural frontier between France and Spain, the Pyrenees display a wealth of scenic delights, with Alpine-style peaks, small glaciers, lush valleys, deep canyons and an amazingly diverse flora. In Walks & Climbs in the Pyrenees the very best of these mountains and valleys will be revealed in a visual record resulting from more than two dozen visits.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe, a 25km wall of rock, snow and ice, with something like 400 summits and more than 40 glaciers. Around this graceful Monarch of the Alps stretches the classic Tour of Mont Blanc, the most popular mountain walk in Europe that each summer draws trekkers from every continent. Kev Reynolds is the author of the definitive guide to this scenically spectacular route, and in this lecture he illustrates just why the ten to twelve days of the TMB have become so popular.

For over 40 years Kev Reynolds has walked and climbed in many different parts of the Alps, has lived and worked there, and written more than a dozen guidebooks to specific regions, as well as
Walking in the Alps - a comprehensive guide to the whole alpine range, from the Alpes Maritimes to the former Yugoslavia. This talk, based on Kev’s book of the same name, reveals some of Europe's most dramatic scenery, plus its flowers, animals and villages.

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